Herdman reflects, takes blame following Canada’s World Cup loss to Croatia

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John Herdman spoke to the media after Canada’s 4-1 loss to Croatia and took much of the blame, coming to the defence of his team amid its elimination from the World Cup.

Herdman has been dominating headlines since Canada’s opening loss to Belgium when, after the game, he said that they were going to “eff Croatia.”

The comment prompted critical responses from not only the Croatian coach but .

“No [disrespect at all]. I could’ve been a little composed coming out of the huddle, but that’s my learning,” Herdman said post-game. “I’ll take it on the chin.”

Following Canada’s loss to Croatia, Andrej Kramaric, who scored a brace in the game, thanked Canada’s coach for lighting a fire under the Croats.

Asked if he thought he had made a mistake with the comments, Herdman replied, “Not in the first 20 minutes, no.”

Canada took an early lead in the game with its first goal of the tournament coming 67 seconds into the game from an Alphonso Davies header.

The Canadian team came out quickly and fiercely but collapsed at the end of the first half, and was unable to recover. There were concerns surrounding Herdman’s decisions with substitutions during the game, and if he made the right personnel choices to keep up with Croatia’s constant press.

Atiba Hutchinson, 39, who was playing in his 100th cap for Canada, was caught out of position on multiple occasions in the first half but was kept on at the start of the second. Herdman’s decision may have been influenced by the role Hutchinson occupies for the squad.

“I thought he was just next level in that first half. I was really happy with his performance, he was a real leader,” Herdman said about his captain.

He said that Hutchinson had some “really good moments” and wanted to bring him off in the 55th minute, however, the veteran wanted to stay in the game.

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