Tim Micallef to join Sportsnet Central beginning with Stanley Cup playoffs

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Tim Micallef is moving on to Sportsnet Central and will join the network’s flagship program next month for the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The news was announced during Monday’s episode of Tim and Friends.

Micallef said during the show he will continue to bring “something a little different from everywhere else in Canada again” to his new role.

“As the world of sports media continues to evolve, I have been asked to innovate every step of the way from this rinky-dink podcast to a national TV show that you see in front of you right now,” Micallef said. “We, this great group, have been poised with the task of innovating again, this time with the Sportsnet Central crew and they’re a very talented group. I hope that you will join us for the next incarnation starting at the beginning of the [Stanley Cup] playoffs.”

He added: “My purpose remains: love sports, do great-ish and always involve you, the audience, in how we do it.”

The move signals the end of Tim and Friends, which will wrap up with its final episode on April 11, the same day as the Toronto Blue Jays home opener.

“I knew from the jump that all good things must come to an end but that doesn’t make this any less bittersweet,” Micallef said.



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